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Juanita Granados. Owner

Thank you all for stopping by.

I am a designer who enjoys the most of every minute I dedicate to create a wearable design. All our art pieces are color interactions with every woman attitude and their own beauty.

We use high-quality materials purchased around the world as we travel for work or for leisure purposes.


We hardly ever create two pieces of the same giving the chance to our followers to a truly unique handmade art piece, to wear as jewelry. 

wglocal copy.jpg
Want to sell Indulgences Unique Pieces in your area? We could grow together!!

Yes. We are constantly looking for opportunities to bring our truly unique line of art pieces to new potential clients. Just send us your contact information and we will get back to you within 2 business days with more information. 

Thanks! Message sent. One of us will bein contact with you shortly

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