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Would you do custom orders?


We can certainly try to accommodate only to length and color preference based on the materials we have in stock. You can see all our creations and get an idea of what you want.

Has my order been sent yet ?


We wil notify you to the email provided in your order once the item is shipped. We usually send the items within 1 to 2 business days within the US. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?


We will ship your item(s) inside our unique bag which stands from the crowd.

You'll love the detail on it and so your significant other!

Can I track my order ?


Sure. Once the order is shipped, you will receive the tracking number of it so you can monitor your purchase.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?


Since all our art pieces are handmade, there is not an option to wholesale. We can certainly deliver quantities of similar items but never 2 of the same. That one of  our differences!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Due to the uniqueness of our jewelry pieces, we don't accept returns but do accept exchanges. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order. Our goal is to have something you will be proud to wear.

Which methods of payments can I use?


We process all major credit cards accepted in the U.S as well as Google and Apple Pay.  Sorry but no checks or money orders.

What will you do with my information?


We will only use your shipping and billing address to complete your order. Your contact information will remain with us to communicate with you or to send you emails introducing a new collection.



Have questions ?


They might be answered in our FAQ. We tried to cover just about everything you need to know. You can also email us at: 

or fill in our contact form:

Success! Message received.

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